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W – Woodard Prize for Society Members
WB – Wicken Bursary for Tewkesbury School Students

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Bulletin No 33 (2024)

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Editor's ForewordJohn Dixon
Chairman's ForewordSam Eedle
Grist to the MillJoanne Raywood
Quakers: Keeping on their Hats in TewkesburyDerek Benson
Who Was John Moore?John Dixon
Tewkesbury's Unique ResidentJohn Dixon
The Mysterious Mrs. WardleSam Eedle
Obituary - Janet & David DevereuxSam Eedle
Obituary - Jane BlackledgeJohn Dixon

Bulletin No 32 (2023)

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President's (and Editor) Foreword John Dixon
Foreword - ChairmanSam Eedle
Obituary - Christine DonaldJohn Dixon
Obituary - Norah, Cliff & Margaret DayJohn Dixon
Two Views of the Severn HamJoanne Raywood (W)
'The Notorious Mrs. Wardle'Sam Eedle
John Rogers (1808-1909)Sarah Smith
Women's Suffrage Activism in CheltenhamDerek Benson
The Life of Corporal Charles Davis DCM & MID Sam Eedle
Unique Residents of 20th Century Tewkesbury?John Dixon

Bulletin No 31 (2022)

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President's ForewordJohn Dixon
Anne of CleeveRay Coggin
Margaret Hickes - A Female Philanthropist of the ReformationChristine Warwick
The School Mistress and the CrossSam Eedle (J) (W)
Recreating the Historical High Street - in Animation!Paul Amphlett
Photos, Colorizing: Different Colours, Different ShadesMarie, James and Karl Freeman
Impact of the Railways on an Ashchurch Agricultural Family Mike Gilmour
A Sad Grave in the CemetaryJohn Dixon & Martin Tomlins

Bulletin No 30 (2021)

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Chairman's ForewordSam Eedle
Editor's ForewordJohn Dixon
30 Years Young!John Dixon
Tewkesbury Tax Riot of 1805Derek Benson (JS)
Mayor James Blount Lewis and the Missing Portrait (part II)Joanne Raywood (W)
A History 'Set in Iron'?John Dixon
Blighty Tickets to Mitton, 1917Sam Eedle
Nicholas Ridley: Still 'One of Us'? (part II)Kevin Willis

Bulletin No 29 (2020)

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President’s ForewordJohn Dixon
Editor's ForewordJames Freeman
Janet Patricia Benson (1955-2019)John Dixon
James Blount Lewis, a Missing PortraitJoanne Raywood
The Battle of Tewkesbury in a European ContextSteve Goodchild
Nicholas Ridley - "One of Us"? Kevin Willis
Holm Castle: A history of "Day of the Lords".April Irwin
Mustard: Great Balls of FireKarl Freeman (JS) (W)
The Rise and Fall of Tewkesbury High SchoolClementine Oliver
Croome Park: "Pic Nic Extraordinary", 1854Wendy Snarey
From Nazi Memorabilia to Tewkesbury CollectiblesTony Bayliss & James Freeman

Bulletin No 28 (2019)

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President’s ForewordJohn Dixon
Editor's ForewordJim Freeman
Tewkesbury's Redoubtable Victorian Ironmonger John King (W)
"Art For Life's Sake"Liz O'Sullivan
Finally Settling In Tewkesbury - 70 Years Ago!Gordon Baker
Memories of Beecham Marine and its BoatsStephen Peters
Tewkesbury Abbey and the Mystery Surrounding the Remains of George, Duke of Clarence April Irwin
A Change of Scene ... Hoping for Something MoreJim Freeman
Thank You, Tewkesbury Schools!Clifford Day

Bulletin No 27 (2018)

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President’s ForewordJohn Dixon
Obituary: Bill RennisonJohn Dixon
Charles Alexander Riley - A Gratuitous Casualty of Modern Warfare?Roger Riley
Howells to Canada and Beyond! (Part 2)Barbara Jones & John Dixon
An Australian Artist in Tewkesbury: Lt. Maurice H.J. Otto and his sketch of Tewkesbury AbbeyStan Woods
The 1714 Coronation Riot in TewkesburyDerek Benson (JS) (W)
An Ideal for LivingJim Freeman & Derek Freeman
The Public Clocks of Tewkesbury or A Brief History of (Tewkesbury) TimeDavid Bagley

Bulletin No 26 (2017)

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Obituaries: C Burd, A Pound, H WorkmanJohn Dixon
Changing Rooms & FashionsDr. Karen Banks
A W Peachey: Tewkesbury PoetMike Everley
Osborne House Archive: Hosiery CoyWendy Snarey
‘Red Cross’ on Home Front in WW IJohn Dixon
From Howell’s to HollamsJ Dixon & B Jones (W)
Gordon Baker’s 2nd Evacuation, 1940-1942John Dixon
Memories of an Evacuee ‘s Childhood in TewkesburyAnita Redman
‘Tying the Knot’ - 1940s StyleJ Freeman & A Irwin

Bulletin No 25 (2016)

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David Maxfield Willavoys, 1938-2015John Dixon
The Hunt for John BarstonDr. Karen Banks
Giles Geast Charity Account BookDan Beaver
From Tewkesbury to TasmaniaJudy Dwyer (W)
‘Sins of the Father’?Mike Everley
My Tewkesbury ConnectionsJean Green
Unlocking the SecretsJim Freeman
William Henderson StruthersTony Struthers
Analysis of Deeds in Church StreetWendy Snarey
My Father - Warrior’s ReturnMike Kean-Price
Northway from 1947 - IDerek Round
Tewkesbury Museum: Its Early HistorySteve Goodchild
Audrey Pound, Cliff Burd, Harry WorkmanIn Memoriam
Historians & ControversyJohn Dixon

Bulletin No 24 (2015)

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Miss Norah Day, 1919-2014John Dixon
Elizabethan Ships & MerchantsPeter R. Raggatt (JS)
B Rowlands - ‘A Pigeon from Calais’THS Review
‘Notorious Highwayman Tewkesbury’!Judy Dwyer
The Ownership of Goods and Cultures of Consumption, 1660-1760Dr. Karen Banks (W)
George Aunger: Sailor of TrafalgarJohn Lewis
Walter Robert YoungMike Everley
William Freeman, Brother of GeorgeDavid Aldred
They Left a Lasting ImpressionRosemary Wherrett (B)
Women’s Suffrage in TewkesburyDerek Benson (JS)
I.. Hollingsbee - ‘Inside the Wire’THS Review
American Architect in TewkesburyJ. C. Kell
F. Ebsworth - ‘Puckrup’s ProgressTHS Review
Gathering Clues from Extraordinary ObjectsJim Freeman

Bulletin No 23 (2014)

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"Living off the Fat of the Land"? Wealth and Status amongst Yeomen and HusbandmenKaren Banks
Ripples from the French Revolution in TewkesburyDerek Benson (JS) (W)
George Freeman: Extraordinary EntrepreneurDavid Aldred
Goodbye, Mr. HarrisonSam Eedle (JS)
Summary of ‘Tudor House’ DocumentsWendy Snarey
Analysis of Midwife’s Registers of Mrs. KeyDr. Andrew Crowther
Old TewkesburyCliff Burd
‘Up and Doing’ - Story of the Vicker Family; 1923-1955Beverly Mayle
"Hooked into Train -spotting"Clifford T. Day

Bulletin No 22 (2013)

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Roman TewkesburyBenedict Sayers
Did the Purchase of Tewkesbury Abbey Reflect the Continuation of Traditional Catholic Belief?Tom Wilkinson (JS) (W)
"Not What They Want But What Is Good For Them"Karen Banks
From Stratford to TewkesburyJohn Harris
William Holland: MarinerMike Everley
A Tewkesburian at Trafalgar - a CorrespondenceSam Eedle
The Tewkesbury Bread Riot of 1795Derek Benson (JS)
Our Perplexing Treasure Barton St Mission HallJohn Dixon, Wendy Snarey & Andrew Coggin
Lizzie’s Absolute LoyaltyJim Freeman
SS TewkesburyKevin Willis
Pawlo Kostiuk’s StoryAlan Snarey
Tewkesbury ServicemenJohn Dixon & Sam Eedle

Bulletin No 21 (2012)

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‘End of the Line’?Mike Everley
‘A Stitch in Time’: Tewkesbury’s 17th and 18th Century Stocking ManufacturersKaren Banks (JS)
From City to Country TownGordon H. Baker
T’bury Home Guard (Part 2: 1941-44)Mick Wilks (W)
Memories of a German Prisoner of War at TewkesburyJoachim Schulze
The Elections of John MartinDerek Benson
Family Power Games & the Quest for Margot’s IdentityJim Freeman
"Once Errand Boy in Local Store - Now MP"John Dixon
My Tewkesbury ConnectionSerena Mapletoft
"It was the Year of our Lord 1016..."Ian Coggin

Bulletin No 20 (2011)

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William Morris Moore (1813-1841)Derek Benson (JS)
Tragedy - Thomas Holland’s DaughterMike Everley (JS)
Riverside Walk Scheme 1949-55John Dixon
A History of THS BulletinsColour Photographs
Ladies of Influence: Misses MinesJanet Devereux
Hunting The Fox in TewkesburyWendy Snarey
Neville Halsey’s Post-War PreoccupationsJim Freeman (W)
Gentility in 17th CenturyKaren Banks (JS)
Home Guard (Part 1: 1940-1941)Mick Wilks (W)

Bulletin No 19 (2010)

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‘Sky’ Turner - His Later YearsSam Eedle
The Unfought Battle of TewkesburyMick Wilks (JS)
The Evacuee - Becoming a Tewkesburian - via CheltenhamGordon H. Baker
46 High Street - The Obliteration of the Architectural Memory of the Moore FamilyJohn Dixon
Chartism in Tewkesbury and DistrictDerek Benson (JS) (W)
Thomas Holland Snr. - Evidence to Royal CommissionMike Everley
A Village Baker’s WifeJanet Devereux
Halsey’s RaritiesJim Freeman
Gage of the GatesJ. Dixon, Webley & Cockburn
Cecil James Turner - Scoutmaster, 1910-1930J.W. Rennison

Bulletin No 18 (2009)

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Cecil Sharp - Folk MusicRichard Sermon
Metropolitan Culture 18thC TewkesburyKaren Banks
‘Gasman came to call’ - Book ReviewJohn Dixon
Railways at Tewk. & AshchurchJanet Devereux
The Last Passenger Rail Service , 1961Sam Eedle (JS) (W)
Mrs. Craik - Book ReviewJohn Dixon
Forsaking Generations of Alley LifeJim Freeman
Thomas Walker, - Book ReviewJohn Dixon
Livestock Markets in TewkesburyJohn Dixon
Baptist Church in TewkesburyJonathan Smalley
Kezia: no other woman . as beautiful?John Dixon
Some Tewkesbury Snippets

Bulletin No 17 (2008)

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Halsey Freeman (1891-1930)Jim Freeman
Thomas Holland (1826-1907)Mike Everle
Tewkesbury: What’s in a Name?Richard Sermon
The Easthope Monument at AbbeyRichard Morris, et al
William Harrison GrayJohn Dixon (JS)
Floods and Freeze-UpDerek Round
The Christadelphians: A HistoryMike Page
George Dyson (1850-1932)Adrienne Roche (W)

Bulletin No 16 (2007)

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Halsey’s EndJim Freeman
Cleal FamilyDon Freeman
Capt. W.E. Price - A Corrupt M.P.?John Dixon
The Great Freeze of 1890-91D. & C. Round
Diamond Jubilee, 1897Janet Devereux (W)
Tewkesbury’s Medieval SynagogueR Sermon & B Watson
Mitton Chapel And Its EnvironsR Sermon & N Spry
Obituary of Almer PageDavid Page

Bulletin No 15 (2006)

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Tewkesbury during World War IClementine De Leender
Bill Camp (Obituary)John Dixon
The Continuing Mystery of Wm SandilandsSam Eedle
More Tewkesburians at TrafalgarSam Eedle
Tewkesbury’s Obsession with Nelson?John Dixon (W)
Harriet McIlquhamJenny Slack
Memoirs of a Teenage Belgian Refugee in Tewkesbury during World War IClementine De Leender
Coombe Hill CanalNigel Druce
Horses Rescued from the Extraordinary Flood of 1924Derek Round
Tewkesbury Market HouseDavid Willavoys
Life at 89 Church StreetJanet Devereux
Tewkesbury’s Stockingers Part 2Cliff Burd
The Jew of TewkesburyRichard Sermon (J)
Book Review: Battle of TewkesburyJohn Dixon & Sam Eedle

Bulletin No 14 (2005)

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Seizing the Photo OpportunityJim Freeman
A Tewkesburian at Trafalgar?Sam Eedle (J)
Tewkesbury Town BurialsMike English
The Tewkesbury RacesDerek Benson (JS)
Tewkesbury’s Own D-Day HeroJohn Dixon
Tewkesbury’s Stockingers, Part ICliff Burd
Joseph Higginson 1790-1848Jennifer Sherwood
Cotswold PlaceGeoff Everitt
Tewkesbury in the Boer WarDavid Willavoys
Samuel J. Osborne, Pioneer in TransportD. & C. Round (W)
Tewkesbury SchooldaysNorah Day
Civilian Community, 1917Janet Devereux

Bulletin No 13 (2004)

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Lucile BellJohn Dixon & D. J. Cole
"Irresponsible & Self Seeking Faddists"Martin Holt (B)
A Remarkable Centenarian - John RogersDavid Willavoys
Humphrey Brown, M.PJohn Dixon (C)
The Abbey Boys in the TerriersSam Eedle (W)
Samuel Hitch, M.DIan Hollingsbee
James Preston, a Tailor of TewkesburyMarion Willavoys
Bagging a ‘Blighty’Jim Freeman
Sir Raymond Priestley - Early Days at TewkesburySir Raymond Priestley
Percy Baker (1880-1975)Chris Kirby
Tewkesbury’s Flour MillsAnthea Jones (JS)
Herbert-Howells, Three Gloucestershire FriendsJanet Devereux

Bulletin No 12 (2003)

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Harry Workman’s Memoirs
Tewkesbury Abbey : The Feast of the Consecration, October 1121Bill Camp
Bryan Linnell 1932-2002Cliff Burd
A Tewkesbury AlphabetNorah Day
Consecration, October 1121Bill Camp
Raymond Priestley RememberedChris Kirby
"Our ‘Tommies’ .Always Cheerful"Janet Devereux (JS)
First - & Forgotten - Railway StationJohn Dixon (JS) (W)
Halsey’s Lost War RecordsJim Freeman
Daisy’s DiariesKathleen Hall
Samuel Thomas Osborne, the Channel HeroCatherine & Derek Round
The Lost Alleys and Courts of Tewkesbury - Part 2Cliff Burd
‘A Fine English Gentleman’ - The Disappearance of Heneage BloxhamSam Eedle

Bulletin No 11 (2002)

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The Multiple Faces of Dudley DiggesCameron Talbot (ed. Bill Rennison)
Parkfield School at Twyning Manor during World War IIJanet Devereux
Halsey’s Great WarJim Freeman
"By the Grace of God, King"Bill Rennison
‘Around Tewkesbury’ (Book-signing)Cliff Burd
Unwillingly to AustraliaDavid Willavoys (C) (W)
Tewkesbury Lady of Distinction : Beatrice Edgell (1871-1948)Dr. Elizabeth Valentine
Lloyd George’s Domesday BookWendy Snarey (B)
I Love a MysteryNorah Day
...Some Mysteries SolvedJohn Dixon
From the Town Hall to the Boar’s HeadSam Eedle
The Lost Alleys & Courts of TewkesburyCliff Burd
What’s in a Name? Oldbury Street / High StreetBill Rennison
The Amazingly Ubiquitous Alfred BakerJohn Dixon
Angels in the ApseDavid Willavoys

Bulletin No 10 (2001)

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The History of Tewkesbury Historical SocietyBill Rennison
Lower Lode FerryCliff Burd
Goodbye to ‘Ibid’ and all that!Editors
The Good Man Serving his Generation - Thomas Caddick, 1763-1847Janet Devereux
The Census & Elections of 1831-1832John Dixon
‘Strangers in our Midst’ - Walton House and the CartlandsJohn Dixon (W)
The Continuing Story of James BennettCliff Burd
The Human Inch-TapeNorah Day
A Man about Town!Roxy Base
The Great Flood of 1947Catherine Round
When Hollywood - possibly - collides with Tewkesbury (Victoria Woodhull-Martin)John Dixon
Antarctic Survivor - Tewkesbury’s Polar HeroSue Edlin
Tewkesbury & the Abolition of the Slave TradeCoralie Merchant (WS)
The Tewkesbury Token Issuers (1649-72)Bill Camp
‘A Thousand Years of the English Parish’ by Anthea Jones (Review)John Dixon
What Really did Happen at the Battle of Tewkesbury?Adrian Fray
John Moore’s ‘Black Sal’John Dixon

Bulletin No 9 (2000)

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Tewkesbury House of Industry c.1832-1850Janet Devereux (W)
The Harmonious History of Tewkesbury and District Choral SocietyBrenda Perkins
The Bloxham FamilyKathleen Hall
Tewkesbury’s Alleys : Further NotesBryan Linnell
The 1924 Floods and Halsey’s Photographic LegacyJim Freeman with Derek Round
The Railway comes to Tewkesbury 1830-1845Nigel Druce
No.66 Church Street, TewkesburyCliff Burd
The Medieval Lady Chapel of Tewkesbury AbbeyBill Camp
The Lords of Tewkesbury, Part 3Cynthia Brown
The Most Harsh and Unkind Friend (Glimpses into Tewkesbury House of Industry c.1832-1850)Janet Devereux (W)
Tewkesbury’s Political Elite of 1785John Dixon
Making Sense of the Tewkesbury CensusWendy Snarey
Voluntary Recruitment 1914-1916Gemma Wall (WS)

Bulletin No 8 (1999)

91 Church Street, the Vaulted Cellar and J.M.W.TurnerBill Camp & Derek Round (W)
Justice as done by VictoriaBryan Linnell
Tewkesbury’s Fascinating but Controversial AlleysJohn Dixon
More about the AlleysCliff Burd
The Poet, the Ploughman, the Kitchener and the LadyJanet Devereux
Tewkesbury Abbey Restorations, Past and PresentC.F. Methven
The P.R.A. LadiesKathleen Hall
Walton House, TewkesburyLucy Hodges
Reluctant Travellers : the 1831 TransporteesC.F. Wicken
Thomas Collins, Part 2David Willavoys
Who was Sybill? What was she?Norah Day
No.3 Barton StreetCliff Burd
The Lords of Tewkesbury, Part 2Cynthia Brown
Characters in a TownBryan Linnell
What was it Worth?John Dixon

Bulletin No 7 (1998)

Memories of Tewkesbury by a ResidentMrs N.K. Jones
The Lords of Tewkesbury, Part 1Cynthia Brown
An Insight into Tewkesbury in 1785John Dixon
Thomas CollinsDavid Willavoys (W)
SchooldaysKathleen Hall
A Glimpse of Victorian TewkesburyC.F. Wicken
Lighten our DarknessCliff Burd
Fortress TewkesburyBryan Linnell
The Wheatsheaf StablesG.H. Baker
The Abbey HallsC.F. Methven
Public Spirit, Public Order, Part 2 : The Yeomanry in PeacetimeJanet Devereux
Sunday, Tewkesbury SundayBryan Linnell
On the Parish : Outdoor Relief in the Tewkesbury Union 1836-43Janet Devereux
The Royal SaluteDavid Willavoys
Early Hospital ProvisionHannah Lord (WS)

Bulletin No 6 (1997)

Robert FitzHamonJohn Dixon
The Draper’s ShopGladys Coop
A Shepherd’s DaughterMargaret Hobson
All in the Day’s WorkG.H. Baker
Ways and MeansCynthia Brown
Three War PoemsJohn Moore
A Mystery SolvedJanet Devereux
Twyning Parish Council : the Early Years, Part 2Peter Dixon
The Baptist Sunday SchoolKatie Horner (B) (W)
A Life on the RailwayKathleen Hall
Oxford Movement in GloucestershireJohn Dixon (W)
The Country BobbyCynthia Brown
James Bennett, Family Tree & Tewkesbury PrintersCliff Burd
A Very Useful Class of MenC.F. Wicken
The Cholera MemorialSean Snarey
Public Spirit, Public Order, Part 1Janet Devereux

Bulletin No 5 (1996)

The Streets and Shop Fronts of Tewkesbury in 1903Dr. Anthea Jones
The Cast Lead Tokens of Evesham AbbeyBill Camp
Law and Order in Tewkesbury in the 19th CenturyJanet Devereux
John MooreJohn Shakles
Twyning Parish Council : the Early Years, Part 1Peter Dixon
D-Day Four Years AfterJohn Moore
A Journey to Scotland with Miss MooreR.E. Woodard
Somewhere in England, Part 2John Dixon
National Service at AshchurchCliff Burd
77 Barton StreetC.F. Wicken (W)
1947 RememberedKathleen Hall
Escape to FreedomKostek Michaluk
Tewkesbury’s M.P.sDr. Anthea Jones
Tewkesbury’s Early FreemenCameron Talbot
From Here and ThereNorah Day
Romancing the Middle AgesSteve Goodchild
A Soldier of the QueenC.F. Wicken

Bulletin No 4 (1995)

The Anchor InnMary Ackworth
River Trade on the Severn 1565-1765Dr. Malcolm Wanklyn
Tewkesbury Cricket ClubCliff Burd
Beloved Mother : An Airman Writes HomeJohn Moore
Researching a TownDavid Lloyd
A Review of Trade tokensBill Camp
Somewhere in EnglandJohn Dixon
The Tewkesbury LibrariesC.F. Wicken
Holme Castle and Other MysteriesNorah Day
Unlawful Tilling : the Cotswold Tobacco IndustryCameron Talbot
Law and Order in 19th Century TewkesburyJanet Devereux
Cholera in 19th Century TewkesburyJames Turtle
What They LeftBill Rennison

Bulletin No 3 (1994)

Warren James, Forest Miner and RioterKenneth Kelsey
The Tudor House HotelMary Ackworth
CobbettJohn Moore
A Fresh Look at the Battle of TewkesburyNorah Day
RippleJabies Allies
Ordinances of Tewkesbury Borough Council in 1575Anthea Jones
Genealogical NotesBryan Linnell
The Tewkesbury Barons, Part 2Cameron Talbot
Letter to the EditorBob Woodard
Law and Order in the North Gloucestershire Area, 1817-50Janet Devereux
Tewkesbury in the Second World WarJohn Dixon
The Winter of 1962-63G.H. Baker
Some Glimpses of Tewkesbury in 1540Anthea Jones
A Singular CharacterC.F. Wicken
The Chartists in StauntonKaren Walker et al.
Tewkesbury Petty Sessions, 1850-75Bryan Linnell
‘The Cotswolds’ by Anthea JonesTHS Review

Bulletin No 2 (1993)

Leland and the Site of the Battle of TewkesburyAnthea Jones
Jenner - Doctor, Poet, PottererJohn Moore
Tewkesbury Textile IndustryCameron Lawrence (WS)
Railway Workers on the Tewkesbury Branch Line in the late 19th CenturyJohn Dixon
Mrs CraikRose Hogan
Tewkesbury and the English Civil WarPeter E. Bloomfield
Nelson Street and Nail AlleyBob Woodard
The Cinema in Tewkesbury, Part 2Bryan Linnell
A Botanist Learns some Local History and Woad on the MytheDorothy Hilton
So Kind a Friend and Benefactor : James BennettKathleen Ross
The Age of Unrest in North Gloucestershire 1800-1835Janet Devereux
A Short History of the Tewkesbury Post OfficeNorah Day
The Tewkesbury BaronsCameron Talbot
Aspects of the 28th (N. Glos.) and 61st Regiments of Foot during the Peninsular War of 1807-14J.R. Turland
A Prodigious Correspondent : Mary YorkeAnthea Jones
Archaeological Excavation at Tewkesbury Abbey
The Americans at AshchurchBill Rennison
Reminiscences of an Evacuee during the Second World WarAnita Redman
The Canalisation of the SevernColin Wicken

Bulletin No 1 (1992)

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The Old Hat ShopDr. Anthea Jones
Work on the Tewkesbury CensusR.C. Woodard
In the Name of God, Amen: Some Notes on Probate in the 17th CenturyCameron Talbot
The Cinema in TewkesburyB.R. Linell
Visit to Forthampton CourtJohn Dixon
Henry Vincent Yorke, who was the Novelist Henry GreenJohn Dixon
Archaeological Excavation at Guiting PowerJohn Dixon
Polish Refugees in TewkesburyDebbie Dean
The Day the Nazis came to GloucestershireJohn Moore
‘They Used to Live in Tewkesbury’THS Review
Living with GrandparentsAnita Redman
Memories of a Pupil TeacherCharles Hilton
Archaeological Work on land to the South and East of TewkesburyDr. Christopher Gerrard

Earlier Bulletins are also still available; however, please be aware that Bulletins published before Bulletin 14 were produced by old technology. Photographs and illustrations in them are of a lower quality than later Bulletins. Also the cost of reproducing these older Bulletins is more than the original sale price. But the Society is happy to keep the archive alive in this way.

We also have a 2nd Edition of Bulletin 1 (1992) - published in 2012 with updates to articles and much better quality illustrations.

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