Woodard Database

This database was inspired by the late Bob Woodard who was our first honorary member. He was following his own lines of research into his home area of 'Gravel Walk' and, to assist this process, he started to record census data on computer. At present, we have about 85,000 records in this database and it is being continually updated. Available to THS Members through Google Drive.

Old THS Website

Access to the Old THS Website is available. Please note that content is no longer updated or maintained. 
Andrew Stuart

Census Data

Gathered from the Woodard Database, all the census data for Tewkesbury has been collated, cleaned and put into a simple search tool. Search on names places, occupations and more.

Photograph Archive

A tentative step towards creating a photograph library

Members Research Interests

Members particular historical interests and queries.

Other Projects

The indexing of the Tewkesbury Register, and Agricultural Gazette newspaper.
John Dixon

Tewkesbury Weather

It is our great talking point but do our impressions agree with statistics?
Each month I will update the Rainfall and Temperature Statistics and offer my
Monthly Reflection on how the statistics underline or undermine our impressions.

Websites Useful to Researchers

Links to external websites that could be of interest to you. These are websites that are useful in researching family and local history, particularly for Tewkesbury.
Derek Benson

London Gazette

Index to pages from the London Gazette relating to Tewkesbury (1682-1826) 
Alan Edgecombe

Business Troubles

The following is an index to Tewkesbury businesses in trouble culled from local regional and some national newspapers (1806-1854) 
David Drinkwater

Tewkesbury Wills

Index of Tewkesbury wills (1858-1894) with Glos. Archives reference numbers 
David Drinkwater

Rich List

Some Tewkesbury wills from the period 1858-1941 ranked in descending order of value - compiled by David Drinkwater. [The comparative 2010 values should be treated with caution as such calculations are problematic.]

Research Queries

For all help with research please contact John Dixon at

Free Family History advice can be booked with John Dixon at the library. 
Call 01684 293086.

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