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Contributors publish their research on aspects of local history; has been produced annually since 1992.

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Through the Magic Door

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Through the Magic Door is a 244-page illustrated biography by Colin Davison of local author Moray Williams. She was a prolific author of the children's classics Gobbolino, The Little Wooden Horse and many others. She lived for much of her life at Teddington Hands - where she wrote and illustrated The Good Little Christmas Tree, and then at Beckford and Kemerton. The biography tells of an exceptional life and how many of her stories were drawn from an extraordinary childhood with her identical twin sister at an isolated, tumble-down mansion in the woods. Ursula was also a very talented artist and the book includes many illustrations, a large number of them her own. The biography had endorsements from fan Nick Park, creator of Wallace & Gromit, friend Anne Wood, creator of Teletubbies, and Ursula's illustrator Shirley Hughes.

If anyone would like a signed copy, they are available from the author at £6 each, of which £1 would go to THS. Colin can be contacted by email on

Book by John Dixon: 'Tewkesbury's Two Forgotten Railways!'

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With the support of THS, John Dixon has published his labour of love – Tewkesbury’s Two Forgotten Railways! – along with a reissue of Roger Butwell's 2011 commemoration dvd.

Although THS has now sold out, digital copies are available from the 'Shop'. 

Review Railways Dec 2019

Dear John As a birthday present, Cathy gave me a copy of "Tewkesbury's two Forgotten Railways!" earlier this week. I have not been able to put it down (except when forced to the sink to do the washing up). I have to tell you that it is quite wonderful, really well written and evidently the product of much and exemplary research. Rarely have I enjoyed an historical document so much. I have often wondered why I have never seen a photo of a steam engine crossing the high street, but now I have and I understand why I haven't (if you see what I mean).     Best wishes Spencer

Also reviewed by David Aldred and Andrew Reekes:

Tewkesbury's War Hospitals

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The History of Tewkesbury’s War Hospitals, 1914-1918‘Alien Duties for the Privileged’?
by John Dixon, MPhil., with Research assisted by Linda Kean-Price.
Published 2019.
Click here for BALH review of the book.

Digital Bulletin Articles

Individual articles from Bulletins 2 to 27 and Bulletin 1 (2nd edition).

Bill Treen

Dave Wathen

Bill Treen's book on Dave Wathen, "From a Monday Morning to a Gas Man Came to Call" is now available digitally, click on PDF to access.

Fuelled by Milk

Fuelled by Milk is a new publication (2017), that not only replaces Harry Workman's memoirs vols 1 & 2, but also adds a new chapter written by Roger Workman, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Cotswold Dairy. 

A Noble Band of Heroes

A history of all those from Tewkesbury who lost their lives because of the 'Great War'.

Literary Tewkesbury

Illustrated anthology celebrating the history of Tewkesbury through literature associated with the town. (Out of print - digital copy only available)

Doddo Defiled

By John Dixon & Toby Clempson, Doddo Defiled, the controversial history of the re-development of Tewkesbury’s Upper High Street. (Out of print - but see Then & Now volume V)

Then and Now

Anthology of articles published in Tewkesbury Direct newspaper. Then & Now Volume V follows the same format as previous volumes but concentrates on the history of the High Street shopping centre (the 'Kremlin').  

Never Has So Much ...

By John Dixon“Never has so much been owed ...”. A memorial to those of Tewkesbury and district who lost their lives in World War II.     


A combined book and CD-ROM: Anthony SkelseyHistory of Tewkesbury Municipal Cemetery and Mike EnglishCemetery Database (contains burial records 1857-1962; cemetery burial plots; Bennett's list of cholera victims).

War Memorial

History of Tewkesbury’s War Memorial. 

Goodbye Mr. Harrison

By Sam Eedle, an account of the life of Arthur Harrison, a teacher in Tewkesbury killed in World War I.

1st Railway Station

A short history of the First Railway Station in the High Street. (Out of print - digital copy only available)

Historical Briefing Documents

HBD1: The Crescent
HBD2: Spring Gardens
HBD3: The Hop Pole Hotel 
Out of print, but can be made available by emailing John Dixon on

Print Version