Bulletin Contributions

Advice to authors, updated September 2018

Publication date: approximately 1 March 2019.

Deadline: 31 October 2018; if typing needed then 5 October 2018.

Length: Articles should be around one to three thousand words with all sources fully attributed in footnotes/endnotes. "ibids" etc no longer required for our readership. Footnotes/endnotes are easy to use if writing in 'Word' format. Ensure that the criteria set are footnotes or endnotes, numbered, start at 1 and continuous; then it is automatic and will change if you subsequently rearrange your text.

Submission: Preferably in Microsoft 'Word' format (please advise early if that is not possible) and sent by email or on CD-ROM. These days most email engines can handle large files, but if you have any problems sending material to us, please contact webmaster@tewkesburyhistory.org

Illustrations: We use both colour and black and white illustrations. If you wish to submit electronically please scan photos to a fairly high-definition in JPG or TIFF format of at least 300 dots per inch. Otherwise we need either the best quality original for scanning. Originals will of course be returned but please provide a stamped addressed envelope.

Copyright: it is the responsibility of the author to gain written permission from any author of an illustration that you wish to submit. It is vital that all illustrations which you wish to submit have a clear provenance and it is your responsibility to obtain permission in writing/email. You will, therefore, need to prove in writing that you have written for permission and, where you obtain a response, you need to submit it for our records.

For your encouragement herewith is a successful email written by a regular contributor which he would be happy for you to use as a template:

Sent: 29 October 2011 13:19
To: Picture Library
Subject: Use of image

I am writing an article for the Tewkesbury Historical Society annual 'Bulletin' publication on subject.
You have an image of x who was the judge in the case that I would like to use - ref: x
Set out below are the answers to the questions listed on your webpage.
The title of the article is "x", the title of the publication is "Tewkesbury Historical Society Bulletin 22"
I am the author of the article.

The Bulletin publisher is The Tewkesbury Historical Society.

It is written in English.

Mainly distributed in England but sometimes a sale overseas, usually in Australia and USA.

Print run is 'on demand' but is usually about 50 copies sold.

The image would be used inside the publication.

The image size used would be less than 1/4 page.

Buyers of the publication have the option to have a copy in PDF format, but only one or two are usually sold in this way.

The Tewkesbury Historical Society is a registered charity and has a website on www.ths.freeuk.com where details of its activities and its publications can be found.

I would be grateful if you can let me know whether I can use the image and if so how I could acquire it (can I simply copy it from your website) and whether there is a charge. We would be very grateful if you would kindly waive any charge in view of that fact that THS is a registered charity and the Bulletin is intended to be self-supporting and not for profit and that publication will contribute to an expansion of knowledge of the subject.
  • As far before the deadline as possible, please submit the articles to the Editor, Jim Freeman, on editor@tewkesburyhistory.org ; definitely, only one article per author is published in any one year.
  • The Editor and will send a copy of his edited version back to you to ensure that all articles reflect house-style and for your comments and to undertake any requested amendments. It is vital that you only use one copy which will pass between author and editor. Any disputes will be referred to a sub-committee but over many years this has rarely been necessary.
  • It then goes to our typesetter, who will transform the agreed edited article into the Bulletin format and place the illustrations. 
  • The formatted copy will go back to you for your comments and only vital changes. The revised copy will then go to an independent proof reader. Please advise in advance when you will be on holiday
  • The typesetter will convert the finished articles to print-quality PDFs which will be passed to the printer for production.
The Society regrets that it cannot afford to furnish complimentary copies to authors.

Contributors, might like to know that the articles of the published Bulletin are submitted for the Woodard Award. Named after the late Bob Woodard, late Honorary Life Member, it is awarded each year for an article contributed to the Bulletin which is deemed by independent judges to have contributed significantly by:

a. The quality of its research.
b. The clarity of its communication.
c. Increasing the knowledge of the history of Tewkesbury and district.
d. The way in which it is placed in its wider historical context

Please note: It has now been agreed that an article published over several Bulletins because of size will not be disadvantaged.

The award is a silver bowl, with the names of winners inscribed upon it, and a medal for the winner to keep. The judges are independent and report the results to the AGM of the Society in the year following publication; thus 2018 Bulletin will have the Woodard results announced at the 2019 AGM.

Before that, an article might be short-listed by the County Local History Committee for the Brian Jerrard Award. Two of our members have now won the prize and we have had fourteen articles short-listed during the eight years of the award's existence.

We have also won two national awards from the British Association of Local History under the category 'Awards to Encourage Research and Publication'.

If you would like an idea of the type of material that has won awards, email us and we can supply you with examples.

We would be delighted if you were to win all three awards - and we look forward immensely to reading your submission.
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