43-44 High Street

Transcribed by Wendy Snarey, 2012
43-44 High Street today
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The Documents and papers within this accession number show that these houses were originally part of an estate of William Ridler and his wife.

In 1708 the estate consisting of houses in Key Lane [6 tenants named] and a parcel of meadow called Upper Acre TOGETHER WITH houses in High Street near Key Lane [6 tenants named] and a parcel of meadow called Winmill Acre

The estate seemed to have been mortgaged with the mortgage being assigned at various times to different people:- William Sloper / William Arnold / John Sturmy

In 1719 there was £142-18s-0d owing on the mortgage so the estate was sold to Charles Mason for £221-1s-0d Laurence Cox then bought the meadow for £26-1s-0d

Charles Mason paid John Sturmy £128 in part discharge of the mortgage and gave the balance of £93-1s-0d to William Ridler and his wife

Laurence Cox paid John Sturmy £15-18s-0d in the other part discharge of the mortgage.  The estate was then placed in the hands of Charles Bick of Tredington and William.  Attwood of Stoke Orchard as trustees until the fee simple rightfully belonged to Chjarles Mason

In 1736 Thomas Mason [son and heir of Charles Mason deceased] borrows £100 of Arnold Russell and as security offers 4 houses in High Street – 2 adjoining together having “The Anchor” on the south [tenants: John Baxter and Robert Smith] and 2 adjoining together having “The Anchor” on the north [tenants: Elizabeth Haynes and Margaret Harrison]

In 1743 this loan or mortgage is assigned to Mrs Hester Mann – there is now owing £110- 19s-0d and Thomas Mason borrows a further £39-1s-0d to make it to £150

In 1750 there is now £175 owing and the executors of Mrs Hester Mann require the money to settle her estate so Thomas Mason sells the 2 houses north of “The Anchor” to Robert Smith [the tenant of one of them] – for £220 and pays £175 to the executors The two houses north of “The Anchor” [modern day Nos. 43 and 44 High Street] become the property of Robert Smith Whitesmith.

In 1793 Robert Smith dies having made a Will - leaving the two houses in High Street “now in my own possession and in occupation of [blank] Wilkins widow” - to Robert Smith, the son of his nephew William Smith

By 1848 The houses belonged to one Joseph Smith who mortgaged it [and probably other property] for £1000 at 5% to Rev Samuel Ellis Garrard and

In 1857 the mortgaged was assigned to Benjamin Perks Procter at 4½%

By 1858 Joseph Smith and Maria his wife were obviously in difficulties being overdrawn at the Gloucestershire Banking Co. and it was passed over to the Trustees of the Banking Co.

In 1858 The 2 houses are put up for sale – described as nearly opposite Railway Station in occupation of William Gibbs and James Turner with “The Anchor” on the south side and Messuage of Thomas Alexander Johns on north side. The Highest Bidder was William Grizzell of Kemerton who purchased the properties for £695 – which was passed to Benjamin Perks Procter in part discharge of the mortgage.

In 1873 William Grizzell and in his Will appointed Philemon Land of Tewkesbury ironmonger and James Roberts of Kemerton gent as executors.

In 1875 the property was put up for sale again – this time in 2 separate Lots.

Lot 1 – 43 High Street sold to George Edward Cox at £235
Lot 2 – 44 High Street sold to George Edward Cox at £190

In 1929 – The personal representatives of George Edward Cox give assent to the resting in Annie McDougal – wife of John McDougal of the property known as 43 and 44 High Street now in the occupation of Daniel Henry Finnigan

Annie McDougal was the daughter of George Edward Cox – she married John McDougal in Twyning Church on May 29th 1894

In 2012 – 43 High Street is - JT's Coffee House & Grill, 44 High Street is - Sweets & Treats

[These documents, currently in Tewkesbury Museum, will be handed to the Gloucester Archive]

Census Data 1841-1891

High Street - 43 High Street?
Henry Baker; Head; Married; Male; 40; Grocer; Jacobstowe;cornwall
Ann Baker; Wife; Married; Female; 41; ; Warks;nk
Henry J Baker; Son; ; Male; 15; ; Tewkesbury;glos
Thomas James Baker; Son; ; Male; 11; Scholar; Tewkesbury;glos
43 High Street
Robert H Lane; Head; Married; Male; 37; Civil Engineer; City Of Hereford;
Mary A G Lane; Wife; Married; Female; 37; Fancy Repositor; Cheltenham;glos
Alice J M M Lane; Daughter; ; Female; 8; Scholar; Tewkesbury;glos
Claud J T G Lane; Son; ; Male; 1; ; Tewkesbury;glos
Gertrude L E Lane; Daughter; ; Female; 5; Scholar; Tewkesbury;glos
Jessie A M Lane; Daughter; ; Female; 4; Scholar; Tewkesbury;glos
Robert H R Lane; Son; ; Male; 10; Scholar; Tewkesbury;glos
43 High Street
1891 Ref-RG12/2049 336-1A
habitation count: 5+
Robert Henry Lane; Head; Married; Male; 45; Engineers Clerk;b. Hereford Herefordshire; Employed.
Mary Ann Lane; Wife; Married; Female; 46;b. Cheltenham Glos.
Number of records found: 3

Census Data 1841-1891

44 High Street
John Calway; Head; Widowed; Male; 42; Engineer At Flour Mill; Frampton On Severn;glos
Gilbert Calway; Son; Unmarried; Male; 14; Corn Merchants Clerk; Gloucester;glos
Harold Calway; Son; ; Male; 10; Scholar; Gloucester;glos
Mary Ann Rowe; Cousin; Unmarried; Female; 40; Housekeeper; Stroud;glos
44 High Street
1891 Ref-RG12/2049 336-1A
habitation count: 5+
Emanuel Rayner; Head; Married; Male; 31; --? Engineer At Flour Mill;Born Raskief (?) Raskelf Yorks; Employed.
Jane Rayner; Wife; Married; Female; 33;b. Raskief (?) Raskelf Yorks.
Harold Rayner; Son; Male; 8; Scholar;b. Tewkesbury Glos.
Edith Rayner; Daughter; Female; 4; Scholar;b. Tewkesbury Glos.
Number of records found: 2

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