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House in the High Street
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House in the High Street, or the "nodding gables", next to the Swan Inn, as it was then. 
Stone lithograph by W.Walton, printed by Charles Hullmandell for M.Habershon, published in 1836

The Anchor Inn

For centuries Tewkesbury was an important market town situated at the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Severn, although it was not until 1826 that the ferries crossing the Severn were replaced by a bridge. During the age of the horse, apart from ...

114 High Street

This Archive starts in 1726 with the property being owned by John Mansell of Evesham, a baker selling it to Henry Welsh (otherwise Welch) of Tewkesbury, a maltster for £200. In May 1737 Henry Welsh mortgaged for £200 - A parcel of ...

117-118 High Street

The papers within this Accession No. show that originally the property was part of the estate of Sir William Codrington who devised in his Will of 1789 to the use of Sir Christopher Bethell Codrington as 1st tenant for life - with it being lawful ...

43-44 High Street

The Documents and papers within this accession number show that these houses were originally part of an estate of William Ridler and his wife. In 1708 the estate consisting of houses in Key Lane [6 tenants named] and a parcel of meadow called ...

Tudor House Hotel

Tewkesbury is a living museum with more than five hundred years of architecture, and was listed by the Council of British Archaeology as one of fifty-one historic towns which are ‘so splendid and so precious that the ultimate responsibility for them ...

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