North House

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We are very grateful to Reg Ross for making available the photographs that were part of the project which culminated in the publication of the ‘Book of Tewkesbury’ by the late Kathleen Ross in 1987.  Reg took many of the photos but not all were used; this is one of the “rejects”!

This gloomy house presided over the junction of the High Street, Mythe Road and Bredon Road.  It was demolished and replaced by a significant number of semi-detached houses built perhaps in the 1930s.  The last reference we have to the house is its sale by auction in 1931,  following the retirement of Dr. Devereux.

It was described by the agent as being ‘Gothic’ in design, including ten bedrooms, tennis lawn and chauffeur's accommodation.  The 1913 value was £2,150 [c. £102,533 in 2003].  It first came to our attention in 1858 when it was occupied by the solicitor, Anthony Sproule.  It was then occupied by fellow solicitor S. P. Brookes until Dr. Devereux took it over by 1891, staying in the family for the rest of its life.  If anyone has any memories of this house then please let us know.  Also the ability to scan and record photographs is much appreciated by the Woodard Database.  [The two references in the Register are from 7 February 1931 (p1/1) and 31 July 1858 (p1/4)]

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