27 High Street

by Wendy Snarey
The documents in this archive refer to houses in High Street – they were donated as referring to “The New Inn” 28 High Street but were found to also refer to houses either side giving names of owners and occupiers to abutments. The Archive came to the Museum in 3 separate Lots over a period of 5 years but as each Lot was transcribed it was realized that the Deeds referred to the same properties namely 28 High Street [The New Inn] and the houses either side – see 28 High Street for all the documents.

The site was demolished around 1970 and the new building was built on the site of the houses in these documents and became Lipton's Supermarket. Afterwards the site was split and two shops (Freeman Hardy & Willis shoes and Peacocks) were sited there. Today (2019) it is “Shoezone” and “Coffee#1”

The Property which is no. 27 High Street today begins with the Deed of 1726 but it refers to a mortgage of 1717 – when Nicholas Allen and Isabella his wife borrow £30 from Hopewell Hayward of Forthampton 

In 1726 – his son Nicholas Allen glover and wife Elinor pay off the mortgage and sell the property to Richard Bubb for £55

Richard Bubb borrows money from Elizabeth Hayward and in 1727 - £80 is still owing so he sells the property to John Peace who is acting in trust for Sarah Jones [widow of Ralph Jones late of Tewkesbury innholder]  for £110 – it is described as:-

All that one Messuage or Tenement with the appurtenances situate in the High Street alias Oldbury Street in Tewkesbury late in possession of Nicholas Allen the elder his heirs and assigns and now of him the said Richard Bubb having
A Messuage or Tenement now in the possession of James Kingsbury on the North Side
A Messuage or Tenement now in the possession of Bartholomew Sweet on the South Side

1752 – Sarah Granchew [first husband John Peace deceased] and her son John Peace sell to Daniel Insoll for £40 – Samuel Rose and James Turner are Trustees for this being a settlement by way of jointure in the marriage of lately had between Daniel Insoll and Mary his wife. Subject to the £80 and interest 

1759 – Daniel Insoll sells to George Hawkins of Tewkesbury haberdasher of hats, the equity of redemption of

All that messuage or Tenement with the appurtenances lying and being in Tewkesbury in the High street alias Oldbury Street formerly in possession of Nicholas Allen his undertenants or assigns afterwards of Richard Bubb and John Peace baker but now in the tenure and occupation of Joseph Heath cordwainer as tenant thereof having
A Messuage or Tenement late in possession of James Kingsbury but now of Nutt Kedwards butcher on the North Side
A Messuage or Tenement late in possession of Bartholomew Sweet but now of William Smith on South Side
And was lately purchased by said Daniel Insoll of Sarah Granchew widow and her son John Peace


In 1772 George Hawkins sold property to Richard Insoll [son of Daniel Insoll] and

In 1778 Richard Insoll [son of Daniel] sells for £110 to John Fluck

All that Messuage or Tenement situate lying and being in Tewkesbury in a certain street there called the High Street otherwise the Oldbury Street on the North side of the said street formerly in possession of Nicholas Allen afterwards of Richard Bubb, John Peace baker, Sarah Granchew, Joseph Heath and William Probert but now of Sarah Moore widow having
A Messuage or Tenement heretofore of James Kingsbury afterwards of Nutt Kedwards and now belonging to John Bush esq on the North side
A Messuage or Tenement formerly in possession of Bartholomew Sweet since of William Smith butcher but now in possession of John Kingdon on South side
All which said Messuage or Tenement hereditaments and premises were formerly the estate and inheritance of Sarah Granchew widow afterwards of Daniel Insoll since of George Hawkins haberdasher of hats who sold and conveyed the same premises to the use of Richard Insoll the younger his heir forever by a certain Indenture of Lease and Release dated 12th / 13th June 1772In

1791 Esther Fluck widow of John Fluck sells to William Heath for £172

All that Messuage in High Street formerly in possession of Richard Bubb; John Peace baker; Sarah Granchew; Joseph Heath; William Probert but now of William Gardiner stonemason as tenant having Messuage heretofore in occupation of Nutt Kedwards then belonging to John Bush esq but now the property of Thomas Woollams gent and in the occupation of Mr [blank] Kingsbury on north – and Messuage formerly in possession of William Smith butcher after of John Kingdon and now the property of Samuel Wilkins and in the occupation of Mr [blank] Williams toyman on south.

All which released Messuage were formerly the estate and inheritance of Daniel Insoll afterwards of George Hawkins since of Richard Insoll the younger who sold to use of John Fluke deceased by indenture dated 21st/22nd April 1778


William Heath in his will of 1792 devised his Messuage in High Street in occ of Wm Gardner to wife for life and then to Brother Richard Heath. Richard Heath will of 1819 devised Messuage being no. 27 High Street to John Pritchard

In 1820 John Pritchard borrows £150 from John Ancill and a further £34 in 1826 setting over the residue of 1000 years to Bartholomew Sweet

In 1831 John Pritchard sells to Joseph Hawkes for £265 paying off the £184 owed to John Ancill. Messuage now in the occupation of Carew Noxon

In 1833 Joseph Hawkes borrows £300 from Mary Holland of Tewkesbury widow

In 1836 James Bennett purchases the property for £250 discharged of mortgage debt and agreed to pay the £250 to Mary Holland in part payment of the mortgage debt

The residue of the term of 1000 years created in 1727 was set over to Anthony Sproule

And the residue of the term of 2000 years created in 1820 was set over to William Moore In Trust for James Bennett to wait upon the inheritance

James Bennett in his Will of 1853 devised all his property to his son Charles James Bennett who by his Will of 1860 devised his estate to his cousins William Henry James of Abergavenny and John Dimery Phillips of Donacaster

In 1861 the property was auctioned at the Swan Hotel where Alfred Robert Tustin was highest bidder at £190

Alfred Robert Tustin borrowed £150 from William Green of Tewkesbury gentleman

In 1867 William Winterbotham bought the property to William Winterbotham for £195 paying the £150 mortgage debt to William Green and the balance of £45 to Alfred Robert Tustin

All that Messuage or Tenement or Dwelling House situated in Tewkesbury on the North West of the High Street in the successive occupations of William Gardner/ Richard Heath/ John Pritchard afterwards Carew Noxon then late of Charles Dowswell and now of Alfred Robert Tustin having

A Messuage or Tenement formerly of Mr Cooper in the occupation of John Frost then in the occupation of Mary Bassett then belonging to of [blank] and occupied by Levi Clifton on South West

And A Messuage or Tenement formerly of Thomas Holland in occupation of Richard Waters afterwards in the occupation of William Townsend then belonging to Thomas Weaver and occupied by [blank] on the North East

Which said Messuage to be granted were in the year 1836 bought by one James Bennett with the Appurtenances – and was by said William Green granted and by said Alfred Robert Tustin directed limited and appointed to use of said William Winterbotham and his assigns forever

A month later William Winterbotham sells the property to John Frost of Tewkesbury schoolmaster for £205 

From abuttals in early Deeds from 1726 it is known that names in no. 26 High Street are:

Bartholomew Sweet/ then William Smith butcher/ then John Kingdon/ then Samuel Wilkins in occ: of Mr Williams toyman/ Mrs Cooper in occ: Mary Bassett

Census Data 1841-1891

High Street West
Carew Noxon;head ; ; Male; 50; Cordwainer; ;y
Ann Noxon; ?wife; ; Female; 40; ; ;n
James Llewellin; ; ; Male; 20; Ag Cl; ;y
High Street
Carew Noxon; Head; Married; Male; 68; Cordwainer; Campden;glos
Ann Noxon; Wife; Married; Female; 48; ; Kempsey;worcs
27 High Street
John Frost; Head; Married; Male; 59; Schoolmaster Unemployed; Rede;suffolk
Mary Frost; Wife; Married; Female; 53; Schoolmistress; Wraxall;somersets
Elizabeth H Frost; Daughter; Unmarried; Female; 18; Teacher In A School; Tewkesbury;glos
Fanny Frost; Daughter; Unmarried; Female; 15; Teacher In A School; Tewkesbury;glos
Mary Frost; Daughter; Unmarried; Female; 22; Nursery Governess, Unemployed; Westbury On Trym;glos
27 High Street
Mary Frost; Head; Widowed; Female; 63; Second Hand Bookseller; Wraxall;somerset
Eliza Harriet Frost; Daughter; ; Female; 28; Daily Governess; Tewkesbury;glos
Fanny Frost; Daughter; ; Female; 25; Private Schoolmistress; Tewkesbury;glos
27 High Street
1891 Ref-RG12/2049 336-1A
habitation count: 5+
Mary Frost; Head; Widow; Female; 73; Retired Schoolmistress; Born Wraxall Somerset.
Eliza Harriet Frost; Daughter; Single; Female; 38; Teacher Of The Pianoforte;b. Tewkesbury Glos; Working On Own Account.
Number of records found: 5

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