World War II

John Dixon

Herbert Gyngell

P.O. Herbert Francis Eric Gyngell, R.N. Killed in action 17 January 1942.
John Dixon

Tewkesbury's Own D-Day Hero

An article written and first published in 2005-6 about the only military victim from Tewkesbury that we then knew about - Edwin Davis.


The following biographies are complied from, John Dixon's book “Never has so much been owed …” Commemoration of Local War Dead In World War II; THS Publication 4 (2005) and the Tewkesbury Register newspaper, with further research and biography design by Sam Eedle and Martin Waldron.
Joachim Schulze

Joachim Schulze

This is a transcript of an article by Joachim Schulze who was a prisoner of war at the Newtown POW Camp in Tewkesbury during the late 1940s. It was published in Bulletin 21 (2012) under the title of' 'Memories of a German Prisoner of War at Tewkesbury'.
Debbie Dean

Polish Refugees in Tewkesbury

The following is a transcription of an article published in THS Bulletin 1 (1992) by Debbie Holtham (nee Dean), granddaughter of Franciszek Dziamarski and Krystyna Magier, whose family were Polish refugees who settled in Tewkesbury after much trouble and tribulation.
Milk Wilks

The Unfought Battle of Tewkesbury

Mick Wilks is the author of books, The Defence of Worcestershire and the Southern Approaches to Birmingham in World War II and Chronicles of the Worcestershire Home Guard. He wrote a trilogy of articles for the THS Bulletin linked by their accounts of the Home Guard in Tewkesbury. This is a lightly edited version of the first of the three, published in Bulletin 19 (2010). 
Mick Wilks

Tewkesbury's Home Guard (part 1: 1940-1941)

This is a lightly edited version of the second article of three that Mick Wilks wrote on Tewkesbury in the Second World War. It was published in Bulletin 20 (2011) and, together with his third article, won the Woodard Award in 2013. 
Mick Wilks

Tewkesbury Home Guard (part 2: 1941-44)

This is the third of three article written by Mick Wilks on Tewkesbury in World War II. It was published in Bulletin 21 (2012) and, in conjunction with 'Part 1', won the THS Woodard Award in 2013. 
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