The Abbey

The South Prospect of the sometyme Conventuall Church of Theokesbury

South Prospect, 1717
South Prospect, 1717
An antique copper engraving by Daniell King, which was published in "Monasticon Anglicanum, or the History of the Ancient Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches by Sir William Dugdale" in 1717. Daniel King was one of the earliest English togographic engravers/etchers and was taught by the well known Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677).

The North West View of Tewkesbury Abby, in the County of Gloucester.

North West View, 1731
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Medium: Copper engraving
Artist: Buck, Simon and Nathaniel
Engraver: Buck, Simon and Nathaniel
Date: 1731
Dimensions: 188 x 354 mm

West End of Tewkesbury Abbey

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West End of Tewkesbury Abbey, A Collection of Gloucestershire Antiquities, 1796, PRINT AFTER UNKNOWN ARTIST

Tewkesbury Church North Transept & Tower, 1825

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An antique line engraving by W. Wallis after J.P.Neale. Published in 1825. Later coloured by hand.
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‘Abbey Cottages’ c1854 & 1911

Source: Dave Kemp, facebook
View in 1953
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This photograph appeared on the cover of a "Guide to Tewkesbury" estimated to be from 1953. It is almost in the same position as the 1853 and 1911 photographs above and so it worth including here for comparison.

Abbots of Tewkesbury

  1. Gerald, appointed by William Rufus
  2. Robert, 1110, ob. 1123
  3. Benedict, 1124
  4. Roger, 1137
  5. Fromund, 1162, ob. 1178
  6. Robert, 1182
  7. Alan, 1187
  8. Walter, 1202
  9. Hugh, 1214, ob. 1215
  10. Bernard elected but not consecrated
  11. Peter, 1216
  12. Robert III, 1232
  13. Thomas of Stoke, 1255
  14. Richard of Norton, 1276
  15. Thomas of Kempsey, 1282
  16. John Coles, 1328
  17. Thomas of Legh, 1347
  18. Thomas of Chesterton, 1361
  19. Thomas Parker, 1389
  20. William of Bristol, 1420 or 1421
  21. John of Abingdon, 1444
  22. John Galeys, occurs 1453, ob. 1468
  23. John Strensham, 1468
  24. Richard Cheltenham, 1480
  25. Henry Beeley, 1509, occurs 1529
  26. John Walker, ob. 1531
  27. John Wakeman, 1531

The Monumental Inscriptions in the Abbey Church

A good deal of effort over more than a century has produced a very useful catalogue of the graves, memorials and inscriptions in Tewkesbury Abbey. Click on the PDF icon to read. 

Mallet postcard
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Mallet postcard
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