Ham Charities

by Bryan Linnell
There are two types of charity associated with the Ham. One is the ownership of land which produces an income for the charity; the other is a fixed levy on the whole of the Ham for the use of a named charity. One income is fixed, the other varies. Neither has or had any connection with the Commoners.

The fixed charge is one of £62 per annum payable to the Charities of East and West Welling, founded in 1624.
The other charities with an interest in the Ham were:
  • Kemble and Porter's.
  • Slaughter’s.
  • Severn Stoke Poor.
  • Bredon School.
  • Barnes’.
  • Tewkesbury Abbey.

All were founded 1650-1850 and all had sold out to the Town Council by 1968. They no longer have any financial interest in the Ham.
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