Transcribed by Wendy Snarey, 2018

(17) Will of William Causon deceased – 22nd January 1829

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Causon of Tewkesbury in the County of Gloucester victualler made this 22nd January 1829. I will and direct the payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses by my executor hereinafter named I give and bequeath to Benjamin Goolden Kent of Levant Lodge in the parish of Earls Croome in the county of Worcester esquire – ALL MY REAL and PERSONAL ESTATE and effects whatsoever over which I have power of disposal and whether the same respectively be in possession reversion remainder or expectancy – To hold the same unto the said Benjamin Goolden Kent his heirs executors and administrators according to the nature and quality thereof respectively UPON TRUST that the said Benjamin Goolden Kent his executors and administrators do and shall as soon as conveniently may be after my decease – collect and receive all monies there due to me and convert into money such part of my said personal estate as shall not consist of monies or securities for money and after paying my debts and funeral and testamentary expenses place the residue of money to arise in his name at interest upon real or Government Securities to be by him or them from time to time altered or varied as occasion may require And UPON TRUST that the said Benjamin Goolden Kent or his assigns shall as soon as conveniently possible after the decease of my dear mother Mary Causon sell and dispose of all my Real Estate – either together all in parcels ……… And as to so much of the money as shall arise from such part of my Real Estate I purchased from my Brother in Law Samuel Pearce (after deducting the incumbrances affecting such last mentioned part of my said Real Estate and a due proportion of the expense of attending the sale or sales) my Will is that the said Benjamin Goolden Kent his executors etc shall place out the same at interest in his or their name upon Real or Government Securities and shall pay the interest dividends and annual proceeds of the purchase money after the same has been invested to my sister Mary Pearce and her assigns during her life for her own sole use and benefit without control of her present or any future husband And as to and concerning the last mentioned trust money – from and immediately after the decease of my said sister and as to and concerning the residue of monies  which shall arise from and immediately after sale thereof – my Will is that the said Benjamin Goolden Kent or his assigns shall stand possessed and interested in the same monies respectively and also of the residue of the money to have arisen from receipt and sale of my personal estate and the funds and securities in and upon which the same shall be invested and accruing IN TRUST for all and every child who being son or daughter shall attain the age of 21 years  or being a daughter or daughters under that age in equal shares of the trust monies directed to be placed out for the benefit of my sister during her life to be paid and transferred to my said children respectively on or at their aforesaid ages as the same shall happen after the sale of my said real estate – But if the same shall take place before the sale then immediately after the completion of the sale thereof

And my Will is that in the meantime the principal money to arise from the receipt of my Personal Estate shall become payable the interest dividends and annual proceeds shall be paid as the same shall become due and received unto and for the use and benefit of my children in equal shares

And if at the time when the sale of my Real Estate shall be completed any or either of my said sons shall be under the age of 21 years or any or either of my said daughters shall be under that age or unmarried then I direct my said Trustee to place out at interest the then expectant or eventual share of such child or children until the principal money shall become payable under the trusts and to pay and apply the interests etc towards the maintenance and education and support of such child or children as any trustee for the time being thinks fit

Provided that if any such child or children should die before their share is due and payable then his or her share to go to the survivors and the issue of such of them that are dead

I nominate Benjamin Goolden Kent sole executor and revoke all former Wills by me made

Signed: Wm Causon

Witnesses: William H. Tunnicliff surgeon Tewkesbury James Harris cordwainer Tewkesbury John Skey solicitor Upton on Severn Proved Court of Canterbury by Executor 6th August 1829
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