Transcribed by Wendy Snarey, 2018

(19) Conveyance Trustee of Wm Causon to Wm Knight and Mortgage Knight to Potter – 24th June 1831

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Conveyance of Messuage and Premises in Barton Street - the mortgagees and Deviseein trust of Mr William Causon deceased to Mr William Knight AND Mortgage thereof for securing £200 – said William Knight to William Potter

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This Indenture made 24th June 1831 between:
  1. George Watson of Tewkesbury bleacher
  2. John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland of Tewkesbury bankers and co-partners
  3. Benjamin Goolden Kent of Levant Lodge Earls Croome Worcestershire esq
  4. William Knight of Tewkesbury cordwainer
  5. William Potter the younger of Tewkesbury shopkeeper

Whereas William Causon late of Tewkesbury innholder deceased being seised to him and his heirs and entitled unto the Messuage or Tenement hereinafter particularly described did by Indenture of demise or mortgage dated 29th May 1828 made between himself the said William Causon and said George Watson for consideration mentioned grant the same premises unto George Watson for 1000 years by way of mortgage for securing unto him £150 and interest

And in said reciting Indenture of Mortgage a proviso that in default of payment said George Watson should sell the property
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And Whereas by Indenture dated 23rd September 1828 made between:
  1. Said William Causon
  2. Nathaniel Hartland the elder (since deceased) and said John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland as bankers and co-partners
Said William Causon for consideration mentioned subjected and charged the said Messuage or Tenement (amongst and together with other hereditaments) to the payment and discharge unto said Nathaniel Hartland the elder with interest at 5% not exceeding £200

And Whereas said William Causon departed this life February 1829 having made a Will dated 22nd January 1829 whereby he appointed Benjamin Goolden Kent as Trustee and granted him all his real and personal estate upon certain trusts and Benjamin Goolden Kent as sole executor proved the Will

And Whereas there is now due and owing to George Watson £163-18s-4d

And Whereas George Watson in pursuance of his said powers in said Indenture of Mortgage hath agreed with William Knight for the absolute sale to him of said Messuage and Premises for £240 and said Benjamin Goolden Kent at request of George Watson agreed to ratify and confirm such sale and convey the freehold and inheritance of said Messuage or Tenement hereinafter mentioned

And Whereas Nathaniel Hartland the elder departed this life in August last having made a Will dated 19th April 1828 whereby, after specific devised and bequests not affecting these presents he bequeathed the residue of his estate unto his sons said John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland and their heirs and appointed his wife Rebecca and said two sons executors who proved Will in Court of Canterbury

And Whereas upon an account this day stated there was now due and owing to said John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland in principal money and interest by virtue of the Indenture of 23rd September 1828 - £163-18s-4d and it hath been agreed that the residue of the purchase money of £240 after deducting the £163-18s-4d now due and owing to George Watson shall be paid over to said John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland and they shall concur in and execute these presents for the purpose of releasing the Messuage or Tenement from the said mortgage and interest

And Whereas said William Knight having occasion for £200 to complete the purchase agreed with said William Potter to advance him the same

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Now this Indenture Witnesseth that in consideration of £163-18s-4d to said George Watson paid by William Potter at request of William Knight and also in consideration of £36-1s-8d paid to John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland paid by said William Potter and of £40 paid to John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland paid by William Knight making a total of £240 and in consideration of 10s-0d to Benjamin Goolden Kent [all receipts acknowledged] – they the said George Watson, John Allis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland do discharge unto William Potter and William Knight and their respective heirs and assigns

All that Messuage or Tenement formerly in occupation of Kenelm Bubb then William Webb, Mary Webb, John Haslem late of Ann Screen now George Green situate and being in Tewkesbury in the said street called the Barton Street between a Messuage or Tenement of John Lyes, John Cresswell, [blank] Pearkes and now of John Spurrier on the one side and a Messuage or Tenement of John Wilkinson, John Warner and now John Woodward on the other side

To have and to hold said Messuage or Tenement unto said William Potter and heirs and assigns forever Proviso for redemption of payment of £200 and 5% interest Covenant to sell in default of repayment Covenant by George Watson John Aillis Hartland and Nathaniel Hartland that they have done nothing to encumber


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On reverse is an Indenture made 7th June 1872 between:

  1. Philip Knight late of Reading Berkshire but now of Campbelltown Argyleshire Scotland supervisor of excise, William Knight of Tewkesbury boot and shoe manufacturer, Thomas Andres Potter of Hanley Stafford printer and publisher, John Potter of Tewkesbury tailor and Lydia Jones of Tewkesbury widow
  2. Said Philip Knight and William Knight

Whereas the within named William Knight on 12th June 1852 paid the within named William Potter all principal and interest due on the within mortgage as appears by memorandum signed by William Potter endorsed on within Indenture but no reconveyance of said mortgaged premises was executed

And Whereas said William Potter by his Will dated 9th October 1868 gave and devised unto said Philip Knight, William Knight, Thomas Andrews Potter, John Potter and Lydia Jones and their respective heirs and assigns all real estate on trust

And Whereas William Potter died 1st April 1869 and said Will was proved by executors in Gloucester on 17th April 1869

And Whereas William Knight by his Will dated 6th July 1866 gave his whole estate to his wife and said Philip Knight and William Knight upon trusts mentioned therein

And Whereas said William Knight died 31st August 1870 and Will was proved at Gloucester 30th September 1870

And Whereas Elizabeth Knight died 21st May 1872 leaving Philip Knight and William Knight surviving

And Whereas Philip Knight and William Knight as surviving devisees of said William Knight deceased have requested said parties hereto of the First Part to reconvey to them the within mentioned Messuage or Tenement

Now this Indenture Witnesseth that in consideration of all principal and interest being paid to said William Potter in his lifetime – they the said parties of the First Part do grant release and convey to said Philip Knight and William Knight as devisees in the Will of William Knight deceased All and Singular the Messuage or Tenement heretofore described

All parties signed and sealed – and On reverse of Memorandum

William Knight repaid all £200 and interest on 12th June 1852 in full discharge of mortgage and William Potter assigns to him the term of 1000 years Signed: William Potter Witness: Hannah Attwood
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