Committee Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held each year and are aided by other Active Members who offer invaluable help in the running of the Society. Copies of Committee Meeting Minutes can be supplied to Members by request to the Secretary.

President:   John Dixon  01684-294262 

Chairman:   (Rotating)                 

Secretary:   Janet Martin           

Treasurer:   Kate Watson                 

Programme Secretary: (acting)  John Dixon

Contemporary Archives:   

Liaison with Heritage:  

Committee Member:   Sam Eedle

Committee Member:   Ken Flude

Committee Member:   Jim Freeman

Committee Member:   Andrew Stuart

This Society is also served by the following members who are not part of the committee.

Membership Secretary Derek Benson

Website Andrew Stuart & Derek Benson

Publication Sales at Meetings Jane Blackledge & Sue Coggin

Lay Trustee Cliff Day

Refreshments Janet Martin      

Lay Trustee Lionel Perry

Research Transcription Joan Smith

Poster Distribution Dot Pavey

We thank them for their invaluable contribution.

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