Bulletin 27: President's Foreward

The passing of the years is marked proudly by the number of the Bulletin – however, it is sad that we also seem to have lost a Founder Member each year. I had the honour to attend the funeral of Bill Rennison in Reading and I have written his obituary in this 27th Edition. Another major change this year is my retirement as Founder Chairman of the Society but I am pleased to be succeeded by a college of younger committee members, who will steer us into the future. Sam Eedle is well known to Bulletin readers with his superb covers, Janet Martin continues as our Secretary and Kate Watson is now an experienced Treasurer. One of my most time consuming – but perhaps most rewarding – roles was that of editor of the Bulletin since no.14 in 2005. Simultaneously we can reveal the identity of our past ‘dreaded’ proof reader, Roxy Base, who has also retired and we welcome Andrew Crowther who, we hope, will become as equally ‘dreaded’ and successful. The Committee has also decided to change our printer from Fleet Graphics, who have given us invaluable and sterling service for all 27 years. We thank David Devereux and Graham Robinson for their wonderful personal service. Packwood Printers will print this Bulletin. Continuity, however, is gratefully provided by our page setter, Derek Benson, and we are delighted to welcome our new editor, Tewkesbury-born Jim Freeman, currently an honorary fellow of the University of Manchester. Jim has been an award-winning author participating in many past editions. I am, therefore, leaving the Bulletin in the hands of a very capable and talented team. 

I commend this 27th Bulletin to your enjoyment and stimulation. 

John Dixon