Bishops Walk

Bishops Walk Plaque - including 90 High Street and the Doddo Restaurant

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History of the Upper High Street Shopping Centre. This plaque was a joint venture by THS and The Tewkesbury Civic Society, unveiled in 2024 opposite Tesco exit on the wall of Sue Ryder.

The Doddo Restaurant, 90 High Street, (named after a Saxon Thane) was found near here until its demolition between 1965-9. Its loss was a symbol of resistance, and the Civic Society was formed in 1965 to prevent a repetition. In 1970, Tewkesbury was named a Conservation Area under the 1967 Civic Amenities Act. The current shopping precinct was built amidst controversy - but other buildings were subsequently saved.  A summary of the background to this can be read using this link
A book on the subject, Doddo Defiled, was published in 2004 by John Dixon and Toby Clempson, a digital copy of the book can be read here.
In 2017 the book was simplified and updated in Tewkesbury Then and Now Volume V which can be read here. Sam Eedle designed a map, which superimposes the modern development with a historical 1883 map. We have also provided, in February 2024, a table of addresses of Historical Tewkesbury compared with 2024. From there, you can read about the history of each property.    
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